Let WANECQUE design your staircases

Ever since it was founded, WANECQUE has been deploying its savoir-faire to design interiors and staircases for our clients. The staircase is a fabulous invention. These days, it is an architectural feature in its own right and comes in many forms and materials.

We have the expertise and experience to create truly outstanding metal staircases. Whether it is for a characterful residence or monumental creations, our teams will go the last mile to bring your visions to life. So when it comes to metal staircases, you can place your utmost trust in Maison WANECQUE, the undisputed market leader in this field.



Under our trademark IRONSLIDE (www.ironslide.com), we have also developed a unique concept in France: slides for interior spaces. Made from stainless steel, our high-end slides are made to measure and tailored to your exact tastes and requirements. Our R&D Department is on hand to study your projects!

Our Services
  • Made-to-measure designs from our expert team
  • 3D plans and virtual reality
  • Multi-material manufacturing (metal, wood, glass, marble, etc.)
  • On-site installation
  • Upkeep & maintenance
  • Unique staircases made from stainless steel, bronze, brass & corten steel
And more besides...!

Architectural Staircases

We can design exactly the staircase you desire for your characterful villas and showcase its metal structure according to your personal tastes. The infinite variety of possible forms and finishes means that we can cater to special requests of any kind. Our in-house team of designers have all the skills needed to get the very best out of the materials and to create a unique object. We are proficient in every stage of manufacturing and can work with exotic materials of every type. Our outstanding and ambitious layouts make your space stand out!

Monumental Staircases

A monumental staircase stands out due to its size and becomes an object of art which enhances the prestige of a space. It will often occupy pride of place in reception areas, whether in offices, companies or in the open spaces of public buildings.

They are called monumental staircases because of the way in which the work is perceived. Their dimensions can be described as colossal and majestic.

There are relatively few constraints on such staircases beyond respecting the norms for public buildings and accessibility issues. As a result, we have a lot of freedom when creating them, both in terms of their aesthetics and in the choice of materials, which can include stone, wood and glass (or blends of various materials).

The structure of monumental staircases is mainly made out of metal. Depending on your needs and the location of your staircase, you have a wide range of options at your disposal: single or double stringer, straight, curved, quarter turn, half turn…


WANECQUE designs, manufactures and installs unique slides. Made entirely of stainless steel, our slides are the fruit of several years of research. With an incomparable look, they will add a very contemporary ‘Californian touch’ to your interiors. They are bound to make a big impression on your friends or your work colleagues, so opt for a WANECQUE slide and come along for the ride!

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