Architectural Glass Canopies

Since its creation, the WANECQUE workshop has developed solid expertise in building with metal & glass. Our unique savoir-faire means that we can bring to life your architectural vision no matter how complex it is, integrating glass in all its forms into metal structures. Our prowess lies in the structural finesse and the elegance of our creations. Working with steel affords unbeatable structural performance which frees up maximum space for glazing. Our engineering department can design its own metal sections and structural systems to cater to atypical client requirements.

We are highly proficient in the following domains:

  • Curtain walls
  • Fireproof / bulletproof joinery
  • Minimalist joinery with thermal breaks
  • Glass domes
  • Greenhouses & Orangeries
  • Roof glazing
  • Exotic materials: stainless steel, corten steel, brass, bronze



Thanks to our wide range of metal sections, we can also provide a premium heritage restoration service. We regularly work with vineyards & hotels right across Europe.

The fruit of our extensive experience with glazing & mirrors, WANECQUE also offers a range of bronze joinery creations that are unique in France.


Our services
  • Dedicated engineering department
  • Thermal and structural calculations
  • Manufacturingto measure
  • On-site installation
  • Upkeep & maintenance
  • Exotic materials: stainless steel, bronze, brass & corten steel
Glass canopies and more besides...!

Minimalist glazed façades

WANECQUE has all the necessary expertise to design, manufacture and install highly technical glazed façades. No matter how challenging and technically demanding your architectural projects are, our expert teams will be up to the task.

We work as an accredited partner of JANSEN & SECCOSISTEMI in creating minimalist joinery & curtain walls.


Glass & Metal Architecture

WANECQUE designs, manufactures and installs every type of glazed structure.

  • Glass canopies of historical importance: the renovation of glass canopies that are part of the national heritage, in keeping with the architectural character of historical monuments
  • Sliding glass canopy systems (with motorised parts)
  • Point-fixed façades that are officially certified or technically evaluated by experts
  • Curtain walls with beaded glazing
  • Curtain walls with structural sealant glazing
  • Traditional curtain walls with pressure plates
  • Structural glazing, glass beams and posts
  • Concertina and folding doors
  • Glass lift shafts
  • Very large glass panels
  • All types of glazing (curved, solar control, acoustic, thermal, anti-theft, bulletproof, screen-printed, with integrated LEDs, etc.)
  • Glazed awnings
  • Glass floors (single or insulating glazing, fire-resistant)
  • Staircase with non-slip glass treads, screen-printed or plain
  • Staircase bannisters and balustrades
  • Traditional and decorative mirrors
  • Fire rated glass partitions

Bronze Joinery

The very essence of elegance, bronze is the architectural material that brooks no compromise. Thanks to its remarkable longevity, it offers infinite possibilities in terms of form and finishings that are ideal for hotels, châteaux, boutiques and characterful villas. WANECQUE is one of the very few workshops in France with the expertise to manufacture and install bronze joinery.

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