Who we are?

The WANECQUE workshop was founded by Romain Wanecque. At the end of training with the biggest names in French crafts, he created his first workshop in Bordeaux. Anxious to be closer to its customers, it is natural that a workshop on Cannes and Lyon followed.


Today these three workshops bring together 75 craftsmen passionate about their profession. WANECQUE is specialized in haute couture metalwork.

We work the most noble metals for architects and decorators around the world. Our equipment and our know-how allow us to answer the most demanding requests while respecting your deadlines and your requirements of quality.

Our Skills
  • Design Office
  • Fine metalwork and blacksmithing
  • Inox, Steel and Bronze
  • Staircases
  • Layout
  • Yachting
  • Patinas and textures
Our Services

Fine Metalwork

Our team specializes in fine metalwork. WANECQUE is recognized in France for its know-how and its creations. Years of experience are needed to acquire the level that will bring your projects to life. We shape steel, brass, stainless steel, bronze and titanium to give your interiors & exteriors an aesthetic to your image! Our team also put is know-how on board your Yacht!

Stairs & Slides

At the heart of the architecture, this object has become a piece of art. Assembled with wood, glass, marble … metal transforms our relationship to the staircase. It is no longer in hiding, it shows himself with pride and elegance. WANECQUE has also developed a concept of unique slides. Atypical and playful works, the toboggan brings a Californian touch to your interiors and offices!

Exceptional glass roofs

WANECQUE designs, manufactures and installs your traditional Greenhouses & Verandas, Winter Gardens, Orangeries and glazed facades. The finesse and elegance of the profiles we have created allow us to produce unique lines and performance. Front of the competition of industrial aluminum, we chose steel, stainless steel and bronze to create timeless works.

Some Achievements

Fine & Architectural Metalworking

Please feel free to contact us
From Monday to Friday : 9:00 – 17:00

Phone : +33 5 56 58 49 11
Mail : contact@wanecque.com

22 Allée Félix Nadar
33700 Mérignac (FRANCE)